Jun 5, 2016

Blog Tour: Country Angel by Erin Trejo

Blog Tour:
Country Angel
Erin Trejo
Jun 1st - Jun 8th

A small town boy turned rocker that hits the big time should have it all right? When Knox loses everything that ever meant anything to him, he ran away like he always has. Running straight into a little country tornado named Julia wasn’t part of his plan. Knox needed to rebuild his life on his own but the tug towards Julia was just too strong. 
Julia was a good girl with a little wild streak. Planning on marrying her high school boyfriend she didn’t plan on meeting anyone new until Knox moved in next door. He made her feel things that she knew she shouldn’t but when push comes to shove and Julia wants more, Knox runs. 
Will life let both of them settle down and be happy or will it be a never ending road? 

I am an author that doesn't fit well into any category. The books I write have romance in them but they are not your typical read. Not all fairytales have a happy ending and in my books it is always hard for the characters to stay together. They really have to work for it. There is usually a lot of drama and/or suspense also.



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