Jul 15, 2016

Sale Blitz: Red Night by RK Close @SizzlingPR @RKClose @RCKCLOSE #SizzlingPR #RKClose #RedNight

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#Genre: Paranormal Romance
Hosted by: Sizzling PR
Free: July 14th & 15th
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
#RedNight #RKClose #SizzlingPR #ParanormalRomance #TeamLimitless #Free

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Amazon US – http://amzn.to/1W13bGI
#Read the first chapter here – http://wp.me/p31jCd-2KK

   For five hundred years I have feasted on the blood of the innocent.
   For centuries I have seduced beautiful victims into my bed.
   And all this time, I have never gone without…
   I am Zachariah…
   While enduring endless days as an immortal, only one urge soothes my savage need. 
   I have consumed countless humans—I have witnessed mountains of corpses piled beneath my feet. But none more significant than the woman I once loved.
   My heart was not the only one she captured, but it would be the last…
   An inferior creature turned her heart against me—Adam. Such a pathetic identity to be named after the original creation of God, and always besting me in life. But in death—I am king. 
   I am far more treacherous. 
   I should be feared.
   I demand to be remembered. 
   And I am, for being known as the immortal who slayed the woman we both loved, and my rampage continues…
   Now in the scorching desert, I find prey well worth the chase…
   And my interest in this mortal runs deep. Adam has pursued me over the globe in search of revenge—but his own weaknesses have made him vulnerable. He’s taken to the striking mortal, which means only one thing. 
   She will be my next target. 
   But this time, not for the taste of blood. I will take her as my own mate, and neither Adam, or anyone else, will stop me…

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