Sep 25, 2016

Review: Winstonia Stamping Plates - Halloween Set 9

I used several different brands of polishes for stamping along with a generic stamper from Aliexpress.

Random Fact: I'm a nail polish addict and paint my nails every other day and I love nail stamping because I cannot freehand to save my life. LOL

I was recently contacted by Winstonia to do a review on their Set 9 Halloween stamping plates. I was over the moon excited to have this opportunity. I'm sure other bloggers have the same reaction when they get to review something that is near and dear to their heart . With that being said, this post is going to be extremely picture heavy. Let's get started!

There are three square plates in this set, two with individual images and one buffet style that come with a backing so that the edges aren't sharp. They were each individually wrapped with the film over the top to protect the plate. The product is listed on Amazon which can be purchased by clicking on the picture below this. There is a $2.99 shipping fee and the listing is not Amazon Prime eligible.

 Spooktacular Plate:

All of the images on this plate swatched beautifully on paper and also worked well on my nails. The words are very clear which is usually not the case with other plates but these transferred very well.

Hallo-scream Plate:

 I did have a little bit of trouble with this plate but only with one image. The bottom row, second image from the left with the hands. There is so much negative space that the polish tends to scrape off that negative space so there isn't a solid black background. 

 Horror Night Plate:

As you can see, I tried to get the whole plate swatched and made a mess of it. LOL This was my favorite plate because of the tree and the vampire images.

I would definitely recommend these plates to anyone who loves nail stamping, They are very easy to transfer and none of the images are hard to pick up save one on the Hallo-scream plate. I can see myself using these again and again because there is such a wide variety of images. 

This product was provided to me at a discount for evaluation and review. All opinions are my own.

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