Oct 12, 2016

Blog Tour: His Beautiful Nightmare (The Suffer Ring Series #1) by Kam Newton

Blog Tour:
His Beautiful Nightmare
(The Suffer Ring Series #1)
Kam Newton

Oct 10th – Oct 17th

Ruby is a rose amongst the thorns of her small town. Her beautiful curves and rockabilly style turning the heads of everyone who passed her by. Though she never noticed, her dreams were clouded in visions of a shadow with sparkling ocean blue eyes and sleek and smooth classic cars. After the loss of her parents she fell into the arms of a monster, unable to escape till he nearly stole her last breath. Since that night no other man has been able to gain her attention. Not until Cobolt Wolfe walked into her life.

Bolt was the self-proclaimed “Bad Boy”, his past was filled with a darkness he wore on the inked sleeves of his skin. The only thing in his life he truly cared about was his car, no one else got behind the wheel of his classic pride and joy but him. No exceptions. He didn’t want or need a woman to settle down with, he wanted a woman to keep his sheets warm for just one night. That was all until time stood frozen the moment his eyes met the sweet curves of the local salon owner.

When Bolt found out Ruby's past held a secret that was haunting her future and threatening her safety he knew he couldn’t just stand by. She was different than any other woman he had known and for the first time in his life he found a woman who was worth protecting. He had found the one woman who would force him to tear down his own walls, facing the monsters of his past in order to save her from her own.


I'm Kam, I'm a romance author & stay at home mum of 2 crazy & loveable kidlets. I’m a caffeine addict, fluent in sarcasm and usually have my nose in a book. Hi!


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