Dec 3, 2016

COVER REVEAL: Greed's Charity (Seven Deadly Sins #1) by Author: R.A. Pollard


Title: Greed's Charity (Seven Deadly Sins #1) 
Author: R.A. Pollard
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: December 10th, 2016
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Sin of Greed, Mammon, was sentenced to five centuries in an abyss of unending pain for a kiss and has now been released into a world he detests. His brothers cannot understand that Mammon is gone. All that remains is Greed.

Isabelle has spent her life avoiding others and protecting her mind from being bombarded by the emotions around her. Now, despite the pain, she steps toward her future -- until an emerald-eyed demon blocks her path.

As the flames of passion ignite between Greed and Isabelle, powerful forces move to rip them apart and destroy the world. They must fight this enemy of humanity while struggling to save the sliver of light that remains inside a demon's shattered soul.

Rebecca Pollard was born Rebecca Russell in Portsmouth, England in 1981. She was abandoned by her birth mother and ended up in foster care as a baby. At ten weeks old she was fortunate enough to end up fostered by the Pollard family and they adopted her when she was six-years-old.
Despite the difficulties of her childhood and her school life where her Dyslexia had gone undiagnosed, she never let anything stand in the way of her dreams to write. Forging forward, breaking down the walls of conventionality, she battled her own difficulties with reading and spelling. She successfully finished college with the intent to take her diploma in Horse Management and continue to work with one of her favorite animals.
 An unfortunate accident while riding caused a severe back injury which left her with no real direction. With no more career prospect in her chosen field, she returned to her childhood love of rocks and went back to school, completing a B.S.C. in Geology from Portsmouth University. This began her career in the oil industry, working on oil rigs in the North Sea. This was the foundation she needed to move to the USA in 2008, where she now lives in Houston, TX. The many hours of free time between jobs gave her ample time to write and expand on her burgeoning worlds.  

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