Aug 16, 2017

Book Blitz for Doll Face ~ Sadie Grubor writing as V Fiorello

Title: Doll Face
Author: Sadie Grubor writing as V Fiorello
Book Blitz: August 16th, 2017
Genre: Dark Romance & Erotica

Most kids don't grow up wanting a dead-beat dad.  Those kids don't understand how much worse it can truly be.  How it feels to grow up wishing your father was a neglectful dead beat and not a living nightmare.
I did. I do. And my safest place is to hide among the monsters. So, that's what I do.  I blend into a sea of criminals and the depraved.  Any of them are far better company than my father.
It's been over two years I've stayed safe, over two years of keeping the balance, over two years of being someone else and living their life. 
Then he walks through the dark red lacquered doors of my hiding place. His eyes searching, probing, and knowing. Now, this temptation swirls on the tip of my tongue, teasing my taste buds, making me want to confess all my sins to a man who could punish me and free me in the most wonderfully worst ways.

This isn't a romance. This isn't a love story.
This is primal. This is raw. This is obsession.
Sometimes, love is messy.


Doll Face
Text Copyright © 2017 Sadie Grubor
All Rights Reserved

Opening the door, I step into the dimly lit room. Thinking they aren’t here yet, I reach for the light switch panel.

“Leave it,” the deep baritone voice slices through me. I don’t have to see him to know it’s him – the one they call Saint. Excitement prickles my skin, anticipation kicks my heart into overdrive, and fear … the fear steels my spine and constricts my lungs. I want to run, but I’m not sure whether it’s away from or toward the voice.

“I’ll catch you,” he informs, and a new wave of terror slices through me. “Close the door.”

As if my body has fallen under his control, I shove the door shut behind me. Arms wrap around me from behind, one at my waist, the other across my chest. His rough hand clamps down on my shoulder, while the other squeezes the fleshy part of my hip. He’s so much larger than me, stronger too, and his arms act as unwavering bands, confining me against his chest.

At his rough touch, my body flares to life. Parting my lips, I inhale and lean back into him. Below the surface of my skin, a slow burn begins, seeking release from the confines of my flesh.

Felix had drawn a reaction, a coaxed one, but this man calls to me, luring every deep desire from within.

The heat of his mouth caresses my ear, encompassing me in a cocoon of want.
“Who are you?” The words stroke my lobe, and I close my eyes, trying to battle the response my body has to him.

At my silence, Saint releases my shoulder, his large hand sliding over my chest and collaring my neck.

“Who the fuck are you? He accentuates the question with a flex of his fingers.
The briefest bite of pain shoots through me, and I gasp, reaching up to grab his arms with both hands. Fear swirls with a deadly combination of need. The darkness seeps through the cracks in my armor, and I arch against him.

He stiffens, releasing the hold on my throat, and the movement is enough to push the desires back down.

Shoving at his arms, I twist out of his grip and face him. Even in the dim lighting, his hazel eyes gleam. It’s both scary and enticing. His eyes roam over me, taking in every part slowly and deliberately, allowing me a moment to study the dangerous man in front of me.

Hi dark brown hair is cut to his scalp around the sides, but left a bit longer on top. High cheekbones, strong jaw, and an angular nose give him a severe but handsome face. A broad chest and muscular shoulders fill out the undoubtedly expensive gray suit, and I’m sure the white, button-down shirt protests the flex of his biceps. He’s over a head taller than my five-foot-seven stature. He’s attractive-extremely attractive- but it’s the fierce dark aura surrounding him that sends normal, sane people running.

I’m clearly not normal, or sane, because it’s this I respond to the most. Even now, I want to offer myself up as a sacrifice to the danger and sin I sense in him.

Sadie Grubor is a Haribo Gummy Candy Whore & a foul-mouthed writer of smexy times and characters who typically have immature and inappropriate humor. Yes, this is a reflection of her.  She can only hope you respect her in the morning, but doesn't expect it.

At some point, she may offend you.  Yes, she realizes this and owns it.  Trying to change this outcome has proved futile in the past.  It's best to just let her trashy mouth weed out the classy folk. Everyone is better off that way.

Sadie's darker side:  V Fiorello
Where the black gummy bears come out to play.

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