Aug 10, 2017

Release Day Blitz ~ Surprise Me by Ash Hosking

Title: Surprise Me (Missing Pieces 2.5)
Author: Ash Hosking
Release Date: August 10th, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Want more from the couples of the Missing Pieces series in the lead up to Drive Me Wild?

There’s a birthday.
A surprise party.
An engagement.
And what’s going on with Aela?
Is everything they’ve fought for about to come crashing down around them?

This novella may be small, but it’s a big week with many surprises in store.

Surprise Me (Missing Pieces 2.5)
Text Copyright © 2017 Ash Hosking
All Rights Reserved


I hear music coming from down the hall as I finish putting my glass in the dishwasher and pause, listening for a moment before going to investigate. Alex has his bedroom door shut, which is odd, because I’ve never seen it shut except for the first night I slept here, and I was on the other side of it.
I open the door cautiously, though I’m not sure why I’m being cautious, and then I lean my head into the gap curiously.
I find the room spotless, candles burning on all available spaces, dim light coming from the table lamp, and Alex across the room, leaning against the wall next to the bedside table where the slow RnB tune is coming from.
Alex, in his complete fireman costume.
“I thought you were brushing your teeth. Why are you—” I stop talking because he pulls away from the wall and walks to the end of the bed where he props himself up against the dining chair randomly sitting there. He taps his hand on the back of it in a silent gesture for me to take a seat.
The music… the mood lighting… the chair and the damn costume.
I finally understand what he’s doing and can’t contain the grin as I follow his request, entering the room to take the seat.
Alex moves to stand over me, legs on either side of the chair as his hands trail up my neck, gathering my hair at the top of my head.
I recognise when the song ‘Too Close’ by Next, starts playing and I can’t help a little laugh at the choice before Alex uses his hold of my hair to tilt my head to the right, exposing my neck. I stop laughing but continue to smile as he leans and kisses me on the sensitive spot he likes there and then nips my ear, sending a rush of pleasure through my nerves.
“You ever want something from me, all you have to do is ask, sunshine. One all-Alex revue coming right up,” he murmurs against the skin below my ear, knowing it’s ticklish and making me squirm.

Ash Hosking is an admitted daydreamer and hopeless romantic with a dirty mind from the Gold Coast, Australia. She lives with her husband and adorable fur baby, Prim, who loves to snuggle on Ash’s lap to keep her from getting anything done. When not at her day job in catering, she can usually be found either working on her next book or reading, including on her lunch breaks. She enjoys warm days at the beach, is addicted to Zarraffa’s mocha fusions and can never say no to a Tim Tam.

Instagram: ash.hosking

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