Sep 28, 2017

Thankful Thursday Spotlight Post ~ Brother's Keeper I: Declan by Stephanie St Klaire

Brother's Keeper I: Declan

🔥 You met him in McKenzie Ridge, but now you will get to KNOW him in Brother's Keeper! We had a sneak peek into Declan and Lydia in Hidden - in Brother's Keeper we see how it all started, and how their steamy story ends! 🔥

Sometimes you have to break rules to protect what you love. Can Declan’s own Brother’s Keeper Security help them find their way, or does it just put more lives on the line while the unlikely couple fights for forever. 

#intrigue #mystery #oreilybrothers #mckenzieridge #betrayal #murderandmayhem #thankfulthursday @Stephanie St. Klaire – Author @The Wit & Wonder Agency

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