Book Review Requests

 Hello to all of the lovely authors!
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to read your book!
If you would like for me to read and review your book, you may contact me by email at If you decide to email, please include a book blurb or a short synopsis to your book or a link where I can read this information.
Here is a link to My Goodreads Profile.
Please read over the information below on preferred reading genres and rating system.Always feel free to contact me with ANY questions in regards to reviews or what days I have open in my reviewing calendar. 

Genres I read: I will read just about anything if there is lots of hot sex, a bad boy or even the sexy nice guy. In short, everything besides Young Adult books because I just cannot handle the angst. I do have a special place in my heart and libido for paranormal romance....shifters, vampires and zombies, oh my! 

Genres I don't read:  
Young Adult as mentioned above. I'd much rather have a bunch of kink vs. whiny teenagers.  
Cook Books: I don't cook very much because I generally burn water.
Hard Limits:
Books are a happy place for me. Any sort of rape or child abuse will automatically get a book a 1 star rating. That is a no go for me. Rape play is an entirely different story. :)

Rating Guidelines:

I am EXTREMELY stingy with my 5 stars because it doesn't help my readers if I just slap a 5 star rating on every book that I review. I am usually very picky and up until recently (read: since I started blogging) had the bad habit of not even bothering to finish a book if it doesn't capture my attention in the first 3 chapters.

I will not be posting reviews on my blog or any other site besides Goodreads if I think the book deserves less than 3 stars because it doesn't help either of us and that's what I'm here for.

 With that in mind, onward to the rating system. I have cute little owls reading a book as my star rating. Awwwww.....LOL :)  

5 Stars: Daaaayum. You rocked it! If the book has me staying up to all hours of the night trying to finish and then picking it back up the next morning along with my coffee cup or thinking about the story for days after and even wanting to re-read then it will get a 5 star rating.

4 Stars: YAY! I loved it! It held my attention and I'll gladly recommend it.

3 Stars: Just OK. I liked it but something just didn't click with me. I may recommend but it won't be at the top of the list.

2 Stars: I struggled to finish.

1 Star: I hated it and barely finished.  

DNF: This will be for those books that I just could not finish or didn't grab my attention in the first 3 chapters. I will post a DNF on Goodreads and why I couldn't finish but I won't post to other sites including my blog, Amazon or Barnes and Noble. It doesn't help you or me to post negatively when the book may work out great for someone else.  

My reviews: 
~Will always be constructive and semi-professional.

~Will NEVER be rude, or bash the author for any reason.

~If I rate over 3 stars, I will post to my blog, Amazon, Goodreads, or any other site that you request.

~If I rate under 3 stars, then I will only post to Goodreads as to why it didn't work for me or why I couldn't finish this book.

If all of this sounds good to you then please, email me at